Beware Fedora 14 install media

For those in the mood to update their Linux Desktops who are on the Fedora platform, do yourself a favor, stay where you are or stop at Fedora 13. Even better, if you really want to upgrade, use `yum update yum` then `yum <distro and version tags from Fedora>`. Basically, the bootloader from either USB media, CD's or DVD's will crash if your BIOS/machine is older than 2006 or it will freeze on PCI-Bridge setups no matter how well you tuned your IRQ's per PCI/AGP device. It's just not friendly, even in basic video driver mode. Newer intel machines - 2008 and better will have no problems, except for the clutch-of-death-PCI-bridge. I can also attest that clonezilla works like a charm using partclone (ext4) when things really go awry, so I suggest doing a clonezilla clone before you plan to upgrade - the recovery is very fast and thorough. However, if your BIOS is a mess, you will get stack traces on startup and possibly in the middle of a recovery if a timeout (read block) happens that is greater than 61 sec.

Well there it is - I spent way too much time trying to make a veritable booting turd work. I still recommend using yum if you follow the instructions, download and install the public key via `rpm`, and simply do the upgrade, you will be happy.

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