As an Engineer

  • IT professional in the Finance Industry since 1992.
  • Database Administration: SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL,  and Oracle
  • Web Development services: design, coding and implementation using Unix infrastructure (Solaris, Linux), Java, JSP, PHP, Ajax, Javascript, HTML5, DHTML, XML, and SNMP. Custom designed monitoring and maintenance.
  • Worked for: Merrill Lynch; Lehman Brothers; UBS/Paine Webber, Natixis North America
  • Educated at: St. Peter's Preparatory School; New York University; Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Specialized in Windows Server, Red Hat Linux Server, Solaris,  and MacOS solutions. 

As a Musician

Started out as a drummer in NY Metro area progressive, funk, R&B, trip-hop & alternative bands - recorded and performed with several artists since I was 16. 

From 1999 through 2007, I began putting material together using Mac based sequencers, software synthesizers/samplers and live drums: electronic and acoustic. I have been trying to stick to some defined category of music since I have made my material downloadable on a lot of sites (15,000 dowmnloads to date), but it ends up being stream of conscious and/or a combination of styles. I

Since 2011, I have been performing live with acoustic drums for acts such as Kimon and the Prophets, Kinslayer, Apophis and the current band I co-founded which is Lion-Hearted. I am also recording with Gavin Guntner - I did his first album which can be downloaded from "Gavin Guntner" and I'm working on his 2nd release which will be available in 2014.

One key element of my recording as a drummer is: 

I don't use quantizers and I will do extra takes to make the recording perfect if need-be. The key to the art-form of drumming is to be a time-keeper and foundation for the band, that requires honing a skill that we as drummers strive to master - to be the pulse. To me, quantizing makes one sound like a machine and removes the dynamics and feel of the instrument. So, when I record for others, they get the real thing, to keep time, I'm comfortable playing with a click track, live or in the studio.

Contact: daquijne@josephdaqui.com (copyright 2010)