Audacity Click Removal

For those of you who need to clean up clips from overloaded recordings from video or audio podcasts or just plain audio recordings of anything. It can be done with some effort using the open source audio software called Audacity - available from Audacity: Download  (sourceforge - all platforms).

All you need to do is import the audio file, choose "Show Clipping" from the view menu, then zoom in on the "red" parts, hi-lite the bad audio and choose the "Click Removal" item from the "Effect" menu. Then experiment with the settings to se which one removed the clipping or pops without changing the pitch too much - that is the only danger you need to be concerned with as you do not want to alter it too much. If that does not work, zoom in to the waveforms, choose "Amplify" from the Effect menu, lower it to -1.8 db, then choose a section of the waveform around 10ms or so and choose "Repair" from the Effect menu - that will fix any messed up audio guaranteed, but it is a time consuming process. It's totally worth it though...

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