The joys of Sybase ASE SYSAM-2_0

For all of you using Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise at your sites, beware the Macrovision licensing monster SYSAM 2.0. SYSAM 1.0 was fine with all of us because it didn't really work so you could get away with some upgrade work for platforms. SYSAM 2.0 actually works on ASE 15.x, so you have to be stringent with hostid's, hostname's and the actual number of cores you are licensed for if you are using the LT=CP model (CPU based license). However, be aware that the SYSAM template files in Linux are buggy, and you will need to correct the template file first before you try to upgrade your license. For instance, there will be a line for LT=SR, which in "old" Sybase terms, meant a perpetual server license. That doesn't float, so you will need to change it to LT=CP where applicable. 

As for Solaris x86 and Linux alike, keep in mind that the SYSAM-2_0/bin/lmutil utility is still buggy as ever. If you do a `./lmutil lmreread` to actually reread the license directory, you will get an error message for sure, but it will work. It will scan and actually add up the license files you have there for applicable products you own or use. There are times where you will re-allocate your licenses and it might scare you to think that it did not take, but, automagically, it will. Finally, tech support has a limited number of engineers that can help with this, but the dudes in Hong Kong were a great help - kudos to them, and kudos to Sybase for making a complex license model work from the server-side model.

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