Btrieve woes

If you ever need to convert an existing, horrific database from Btrieve to something good like Sybase or Oracle. You will first need to find the Btrieve client and ODBC drivers from either the server it's running on (for clunker novell crap, it would be in the SYS directory). Pervasive is the ONLY set of drivers that really work, so go to to get them or sue what you find in the directory. It's essentially 32-Bit on top of 16-Bit poop. Do the simple install and have your IP and port ready for the Btrieve database server. 

Once you have the connection working and can see a system DSN for it. Open up MS Access (I know, I hate it too but it's a shortcut), then do a link table from the menu and choose the ODBC entry you just made. Link all of your tables at this point. Next, you will make a macro entry for each table, choosing the "Export Database" action and make an ODBC entry for you destination database (Sybase, Orcale & etc.) and formulate the ODBC string to enter into the ODBC string field. Then, make sure "Structure Only" is set to "No", then cross your fingers and run the macro! 

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